Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cake yang di perbuat dari ganja di amsterdam

Space Cakes in Holland

Space cakes cooked with hash, are served in some Dutch coffee shops and provide an alternative to smoking. Here is some general info about space cakes and space cookies in Amsterdam.
Some Coffeeshops offer space cakes as a good alternative to smoking. These are cookies, brownies or cake, containing hash or pure THC which was cooked with them. Most of the better shops did a great job and may even tell you the most important part: The secret is an even distribution of the hash in the cake, and the long, delayed release in the body.

Unfortunately, A lot of places stopped selling space cakes in recent years. The government acted against them because of the imprecise and inconsistent strength of each individual piece of cake. This problem was found at a relatively low number of careless shops. New rules have been set up to "control" the contents of space cakes and other baked cannabis products. Ask your favorite shop if they practice these rules too; more shops are again offering space cakes with better control and procedures in place.

The better the hash the better the space. The better the cake the better the whole experience: There is no way to know for sure how stoned you will be, so you may just feel it a little, or you may have hours of a great high experience.

Important: THC takes much longer to kick in through ingestion (through the stomach), so be patient! It may take an hour or more for you to feel anything, so don't start gobbling them up if you don't feel a thing after 15 minutes!


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